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Sandoval signs off on energy, education bills

Gov. Brian Sandoval on Thursday signed a bill into law that is expected to resurrect the rooftop solar industry in Nevada.

Tesla, Sunrun expected to resume Nevada rooftop solar sales

U.S. solar companies Tesla Inc. and Sunrun Inc. say they will resume selling rooftop panels in Nevada because legislators passed a bill reinstating a policy the state had abandoned 18 months ago.

Sandoval veto pen hits five bills

Don’t plan on that medical marijuana apprenticeship just yet. If you’re applying for a state college scholarship program, plan to go to class full-time. And Nevada business owners won’t be forced to provide sick leave to workers.

Nevada brewery bill headed to governor

A bill increasing the amount of beer that could be produced by Nevada brew pubs is on its way to Gov. Brian Sandoval.

Bill could force Uber, Lyft out of Nevada

A bill that was amended in the Assembly late Friday could run Uber and Lyft out of business in Nevada, critics of the measure said Monday.

Solar bill would have hefty price tag in Nevada

A bill seeking to resurrect Nevada’s rooftop solar industry would create new costs of more than $48 million a year over the 20-year life of the measure, an NV Energy analysis shows.

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