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Reversing Atlantic City’s fate possible?

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has proposed a slate of reforms to revitalize Atlantic City. One idea is a state takeover of Atlantic City’s gaming and tourism district, removing the Boardwalk and adjoining areas from city stewardship. The gaming market has crumbled the past four years because of the recession and increased competition from neighboring states.




Some of the largest conventions scheduled for the Las Vegas area:

For a fast Internet connection, head to Rhode Island

Not all broadband Internet connections are equal. Some are faster than others. By a lot. It all depends on where you live and who pays for Internet service. And it’s all measured and reported regularly, so the data fits nicely into charts and maps, which is exactly what Net Index (www.NetIndex.com) delivers.

Southern Nevada businesses pursue eco-friendly cost-savings measures

Green, the catchall eco-conscious term, increasingly means greenbacks for businesses. Companies are eagerly climbing aboard the sustainability bandwagon, as record unemployment, sluggish job growth and frozen credit markets sap business.

Nevada shows powerful potential

Sure, Nevada’s practically all desert, but in one area, the Silver State claims some of the greenest pastures on Earth. For green-energy potential, few places beat Nevada.


Stocks had a fitting end to a choppy July as prices seesawed their way to a narrowly mixed finish. The market still had its best month in a year.

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