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Kids will roar for ‘Dinosaur Boy Saves Mars’

You are a superhero. It might not be immediately apparent, but your powers are many. You can leap high, jump far, lift heavy objects and hear things your parents would rather you didn’t. And in the new book “Dinosaur Boy Saves Mars” by Cory Putman Oakes, you may be able to singlehandedly stop a terrible interplanetary crisis.

‘Sunny Side Up’ explores trying times for preteen

If it was a snake, it would’ve bit you. Odd words from your grandmother, meaning that whatever you were looking for was practically right in front of you but you didn’t see it.

Teens can take tips on vegetarian eating from new book

Looking for a basic intro to eliminating meat from your diet? You’ll find it in “The Smart Girl’s Guide to Going Vegetarian,” but there’s a lot of repetition to slog through to get it. That’s not to say that I didn’t like this book – because I did. It’s got humor, nutritional information, tips, and encouragement inside it, as well as argument-busters and a good section on eating disorders.