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State’s debut of new super-data system hurt by bad information

Parents, educators and researchers will have to wait a bit longer before state officials release a series of reports about students and the workforce as part of the debut of a first-of-its-kind database in Nevada.

EDITORIAL: ESA enrollment now open

Nevada’s Education Savings Accounts are moving forward quickly, and if interested parents fail to react accordingly, they might lose the chance to take advantage of the program.

Families spending hundreds on back-to-school supplies

It’s the time of year when retailers stuff their shelves with products that parents demand for their kids. It’s back-to-school season. But it doesn’t look like it’ll to be a jolly one for stores.

Help your child overcome anxieties about school

My child did not have a good year last year in school and was so relieved when summer came. Now she is getting very anxious, even sick, about going back.

Teacher’s Health Trust dismissed from labor complaint

The state’s Local Government Employee-Management Relations Board voted Wednesday to dismiss the financially beleaguered Teachers Health Trust from a dispute between the Clark County School District and the teachers union.

Bill streamlines college student aid

A bill intended to make it easier for families to apply for college financial aid has been reintroduced in Congress.

UNLV researchers open a new front in HIV battle

A collection of biological codes sits in a library at UNLV. Much of the focus is learning how the codes can help cells fight off HIV. Researchers hope this work can be used to develop drugs much faster.

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