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What’s more harrowing for boxers than fighting? Maybe family

It’s not as surprising as, say, George Foreman’s transition into the grill-hawking star of a family sitcom, or Mike Tyson’s reinvention as a Broadway song-and-dance man.

Not a pretty picture: Show’s fans email tales of tattoo fails

You don’t need to have poor communication skills to get a bad tattoo. But it sure does seem to help. An August profile of A&E’s “Bad Ink” and its stars generated several dozen emails from readers begging for help with their own bad ink.

Old dialogue, plotlines and action scenes slow down ‘Ride Along’

The action-comedy that’s light on both elements finds Ben (Kevin Hart), a high-school security guard who’s just been accepted into Atlanta’s police academy, trying to impress James (Ice Cube), a celebrated detective and the overly protective brother of Ben’s girlfriend, Angela (Tika Sumpter).

‘Her’ a touchingly awkward love story

“Her” is a love story that’s sad and funny and touching and overflowing with every bit of the inventiveness you’d expect from the visual visionary Spike Jonze.

Nine reasons to like ‘August: Osage County’

“August: Osage County” is messy, rambling and dark. But it has a great cast that puts the fun in dysfunctional.