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Don’t rush into retirement

It can drive you half crazy — deciding whether to retire. And if you do decide to retire, and then realize you weren’t ready, it’s quite possible you’ll feel like you’ve gone completely mad.

‘Women in Blue’ gives readers a taste of police herstory

Police in petticoats. That doesn’t seem like it would have much authority, does it? Back in the late 1800s, that was what female police officers were called. They were also called guardettes and copettes before everyone pretty much settled on “matrons,” but no matter what anyone called them, those women did the same work as the men. Sometimes, they did more.

Literary Las Vegas: Janis L. McKay

Janis L. McKay, associate professor of bassoon at UNLV and principal bassoon for the Las Vegas Philharmonic, traces the transformation of live music in Las Vegas in “Played Out on the Strip: The Rise and Fall of Las Vegas Casino Bands.”

17 best things to buy on Labor Day weekend

If you’re not squeezing in one last summer getaway this Labor Day weekend, it’s a good time to do some shopping to score deals on a wide range of products.

Study finds adult mosquitoes can pass Zika to offspring

Adult female mosquitoes can pass the Zika virus along to their offspring, a finding that makes clear the need for pesticide programs that kill both adult mosquitoes and their eggs.

Everything you need to know about Bitcoin

If you’ve hung out with any hipsters, hippies or techies — or even if you just read the news, you might have heard of bitcoin, the virtual currency or cryptocurrency.

Apple expected to unveil new iPhone next week

Apple is expected to show off a new iPhone next week when the company holds its fall product launch event in San Francisco.

Transgender inmate in Missouri sues prison system for hormone therapy refusal

A transgender inmate is suing the Missouri prison system for refusing to provide hormone therapy as she transitions to a woman, adding her voice to those of prisoners in other states who argue that denying such treatment amounts to cruel and unusual punishment.

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