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Home Free brings a cappella music to UNLV Sunday

“I think people can’t believe all that sound they’re hearing is coming from voices. You can feel the low notes,” says Home Free member Tim Foust. The group will perform Sunday at UNLV.

Carrie Underwood serves up some justice in feel-good show at T-Mobile Arena

Carrie Underwood’s appeal is similar to that of an old Western or a Saturday morning superhero cartoon: In her full-throated repertoire, justice always get served, the bad guy gets his and good mostly triumphs in triumphant-sounding songs.

Life Is Beautiful, but not for everyone — PHOTOS

The first day of the annual Life Is Beautiful Festival kicked off Friday, as crowds of people began to arrive in downtown Las Vegas, but not everyone was feeling festive. Some business owners say the festival hurts profits.

How to get free stuff at Life is Beautiful

At $285, the Life is Beautiful 3-day pass isn’t cheap. But scattered around the festival grounds are a number of goodies — even food — you can get for free.

Street closures already beginning for Life is Beautiful festival

Life might not be so beautiful for downtown commuters as preparations for a massive music, food and arts festival is prompting the closure of several streets nine days before the event begins.

Dave Loeb brings jazz music to Las Vegas

“I marvel at how jazz musicians create jazz melodies. … It’s an American art form — it’s vibrant and it’s always changing. Some people say it’s a dead art form — no, it’s not,” according to Dave Loeb, director of jazz studies at UNLV.