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Rosen-backed gun control bill goes too far

It was entirely predictable that Democrats would use the horrific Las Vegas Strip shooting to renew their push for gun control. It was also entirely predictable that they would go too far.

Good guy with a gun stops kidnapping

It was habit, not heroism, that caused Justin Pearson to grab his gun. But seconds later, that weapon enabled Pearson to stop a kidnapping taking place just outside his Las Vegas home on Oct. 5.

3 ways to reform LVCVA

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority is wasting tax dollars. The question now is whether anyone with any power is going to do anything about it.

3 reasons to recall Woodhouse and Cannizzaro

If Democrats take full control of state government in 2019, Nevada will become California — without the beaches. That’s why Republicans are trying to recall three state senators.