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Air Force seeks comment on plan to expand range into wildlife refuge

The public comment period is now open for anyone with something to say about the Air Force’s plans to expand its vast training range and close off more of Desert National Wildlife Refuge north of Las Vegas.

Nevada senator calls for tax money for ‘smart’ vehicle projects

Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, D-Nev., on Tuesday said President Donald Trump’s tax reform plan should set aside 5 percent of funding for transportation projects and infrastructure that will accommodate the next generation of “smart” vehicles.

Conservationists fight Ruby Mountains oil development

Conservationists are bashing the latest move to open more federal land in Nevada to oil exploration, this time in the Ruby Mountains of Elko County.

Moose making themselves at home in Northern Nevada

The Silver State now appears to be home to a resident population of moose, which have been sighted and photographed with increasing regularity in northern Elko and Humboldt counties.

In Las Vegas, Al Gore says renewable energy economy ‘taking off’

The Strip was hit by “An Inconvenient Truth” Friday, as former Vice President Al Gore opened the National Clean Energy Conference in Las Vegas with an alarming vision of an unfolding global climate crisis.

Nevada, Nye County take opposite sides in Yucca Mountain battle

Foes in the 35-year-old debate over the safety of the proposed repository for the nation’s high-level radioactive waste, stake out staked out familiar positions Wednesday in a panel discussion at a radioactive waste conference in Las Vegas.

Court upholds plan to pipe groundwater to Las Vegas Valley

But in ruling against lawsuit filed by local governments, tribes and environmental groups, federal judge orders Bureau of Land Management to develop plan to repair environmental damage caused by the $15 billion project.

Nevada taking steps to improve cybersecurity

Nevada Department of Public Safety officials are laying the groundwork for the state’s new Office of Cyber Defense Coordination.