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Gibbons, lawmakers graded on racial equity efforts

CARSON CITY — Some of the Legislature’s most progressive members were not happy Tuesday about grades they received from the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada on their votes on racial equity issues in the 2009 session.

Legislators say state budget can’t be cut further

CARSON CITY — Legislative leaders emerged from a closed-door meeting with Gov. Jim Gibbons on Wednesday to insist that nothing more can be cut from the state budget, though a shortfall of $2.4 billion could prompt them to increase taxes when the Legislature next goes into session in 2011.

Facing declining tax revenue, Gibbons warns of cuts

CARSON CITY — Gov. Jim Gibbons said Tuesday that he already has begun talking with legislative leaders about potential cuts that might be necessary because of declining tax revenue and could require action in a special legislative session.

Taxes about to increase

CARSON CITY — This July 1 forever might be remembered as Black Wednesday in the annals of Nevada state government. Most of the record $1 billion in tax increases approved by the 2009 Legislature will go into effect on that day. And for the first time since the end of World War II, state employees will be hit with pay cuts.

Gibbons, lawmakers fail to fund volunteer program

CARSON CITY — Nevada’s AmeriCorps volunteer program is threatened because Gov. Jim Gibbons and lawmakers didn’t approve $365,000 in state funds to qualify for $7.5 million in federal money.

Couples celebrate law

They came to celebrate the passage of Nevada’s domestic partnership law, but many simply viewed the event as a celebration of equality.

State Senate’s Hardy resigns post

State Sen. Warren Hardy, R-Las Vegas, resigned from the Legislature on Tuesday in order to focus on lobbying for the builders association he works for.

Police deal with tax setback

Three months ago, the leaders of the Las Vegas Valley’s three largest police forces sat side-by-side in a Carson City hearing room and implored lawmakers to raise the county sales tax again to fund more officers.

Session concludes with cuts

It would seem the Nevada Legislature is finally finished taking a scouring pad to the state’s shiny image as the Southwest’s friendliest place to do business. Indeed, the 2009 biennial session of the state Assembly and Senate is over, its patchwork of cuts in services and taxes on businesses passed to prop up the skeletal remains of a once booming landscape. The tax increases were pushed through over the very vocal objections of the state’s beleaguered governor; the cuts were orchestrated to make the wounds less deep for businesses, which appear to have meekly gone along with the program.

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