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Travels, tribulations define new lawmaker

Nevadans will be hard pressed to find someone who has traveled a longer path to Carson City than Scott Hammond.

New lawmaker stresses roots for beliefs

Cresent Hardy may be new to the state Legislature, but he’s no greenhorn. Hardy, newly elected to represent Assembly District 20 in Clark County, traces his family history in America all the way back to the 1600s when one Thomas Hardy arrived near what is now Essex, Mass.

New lawmaker wary of political gimmicks

Although he had no idea at the time, Mark Sherwood’s experience with testing an experimental glove to control video games would lead to him taking a hand in Nevada politics 20 years later.

Lawmaker overcomes troubled past

After stealing a car and leading a police chase on the streets of North Las Vegas in 1993, it looked like prison was the only state institution for which Lucy Flores was destined. Seventeen years later, however, she is a newly elected member of the Nevada Assembly.

Freshman lawmaker not intimidated by challenges

Nevada’s state budget problems won’t be easy to solve. But they are nothing compared with what freshman Assemblyman Jason Frierson already has stared down, including a handgun stuck in his face.

Father gave new legislator Dina Neal an early start

Dina Neal may be new to the Legislature, but in some ways she is an old hand at politics. Neal is among the 18 new Assembly members who have never served in either chamber of the Legislature. But as the daughter of former state Sen. Joe Neal, D-North Las Vegas, she has been soaked in politics since birth.

What Lobbyists Think

More than 900 people registered to lobby the Nevada Legislature in the most recent regular session two years ago. That compares with fewer than 600 lobbyists two decades ago.

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