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Farewell, 2014!

A look back at some of the top stories that made 2014 such a crazy year.

One crazy year

It’s been quite a year.

Nevada Supreme Court tosses separation-of-powers case

The Nevada Supreme Court declined to rule on an appeal about whether a state employee could serve as an elected state official, or whether such service would violate the state’s constitution.

Fiore, under fire, plays the victim card

I was somewhat surprised last week when she accused Assembly Speaker-designate John Hambrick of waging a “war on women” after Hambrick removed her from her position as incoming chairwoman of the Assembly Taxation Committee for the 2015 Legislature.

Tunnel beneath Lake Mead revives the ‘wow’ factor

This week, Nevada saw its own engineering marvel: A tunnel clawed into the earth, underneath Lake Mead, to a precise point at the bottom of the lake.

Long past time to fire the torture judge

Meet Jay S. Bybee, currently a judge of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Back in 2001, Bybee was an appointee of the George W. Bush administration to an obscure but critical job heading up the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel.

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