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Don’t rush into retirement

It can drive you half crazy — deciding whether to retire. And if you do decide to retire, and then realize you weren’t ready, it’s quite possible you’ll feel like you’ve gone completely mad.

Ms. America hopeful’s horrific crash in Nevada produced goals, not misery

Tracy Rodgers was the reigning 2011 Ms. Nevada when she was in an horrific car accident. She had to endure 29 surgeries and she deals with pain every day. Still, she’s now competing to become Ms. America during a competition in Brea, California, on Sept. 3.

Veteran’s problems don’t stop him from reaching out

Joseph Konicek did two tours in Vietnam. A retired installer of floor coverings, he is 70 percent disabled from post-traumatic stress disorder. He also has battled prostate cancer and urges men to be tested.

Sometimes acupuncture works, sometimes it doesn’t

Studies show baby boomers turn to alternative medicine when conventional scientific practices don’t work. Mary Vovsi, a resident of northwest Las Vegas, found that acupuncture got rid of her sciatica.

Caring for others is Henderson nun’s high fashion

Sister Xiomara Mendez-Hernadez left a career in high fashion to become a nun. She says she felt empty designing clothes for the wealthy. She now works as a chaplain for St. Rose Dominican Church-Siena campus.

Boomers eating their way to chronic diseases

Studies in the past three years show that baby boomers are becoming inceasingly obese and unhealthy because they eat too much. Heart problems, arthritis, diabetes and decreased mobility are only a few problems caused by being overweight.