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Ron Kantowski: 2010 Year in Review – Top 10 Picks in Sports

10. JIM LIVENGOOD IS NOT LOCAL: How many were hoping for somebody in our own backyard to finally get a crack at running the UNLV athletic program? How many thought Jim Livengood had worn out his welcome at Arizona and was coming to town to reprise former AD Charlie Cavagnaro’s routine of getting paid a handsome salary for playing golf?

This gift of a game was a lump of coal

Remember when you were a kid at Christmas, and an aunt or an uncle you never knew you had would show up bearing gifts, and you’d tear through the wrapping paper as if something really cool was inside, like a toy truck or an Etch A Sketch … and it would be the dreaded clothes?

Three Up, Three Down: ‘The Fighter’ earns thumbs-up

In the spring of 1988 I was the low man on the totem poll, which meant when there was a boxing match at some place such as Bally’s, I got to write a short preview story on the main event and a shorter story on the fight itself. Sometimes we’d run a photo, if there wasn’t a game at Bishop Gorman.

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