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Congress expected to hold hearings on dismissal of Bundy case

GOP lawmakers, the Trump administration and Democrats were sharply divided over public land use and a Nevada standoff between federal law enforcement and a militia led by Cliven Bundy before he was freed from jail. Now those positions have hardened and the battle is moving to Congress.

Eastern Nevada pipeline foes get day in Las Vegas court

Three years and two dozen motions later, a federal court in Las Vegas will hear a federal lawsuit Monday that seeks to block the Southern Nevada Water Authority from siphoning groundwater from a 300-mile swath of eastern Nevada.

Woman sues Clark County over granddaughter’s death

A woman sued Clark County for wrongful death Wednesday, claiming the 2016 killing of her 3-year-old granddaughter resulted in part from child welfare workers’ failure to properly investigate prior abuse complaints

Twice-acquitted Nigerian man may get $80K settlement from Clark County

Clark County commissioners are set to award an $80,000 settlement to a Nigerian immigrant who risked losing his parental rights despite being acquitted of abuse and murder charges in the death of a 2-year-old boy.