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Public lands takeover bill draws Bundy crowd but is doomed

Bunkerville rancher Cliven Bundy and about 100 supporters of a bill challenging federal control of Nevada public lands descended on the capital Wednesday to support the measure but it will all be for naught.

Organ donor cleanup bill heads to Nevada Senate floor

A bill designed to increase the number of organ donors in Nevada was passed Tuesday by a Nevada Senate committee and was on its way to the Senate floor.

Conservative Nevada lawmakers pitch alternate budget

A group of conservative Nevada lawmakers Monday proposed an alternative to Gov. Sandoval’s $7.3 billion general fund budget that they say will fund the governor’s priorities without raising taxes.

Heck tells lawmakers he’s working on Nevada’s doctor shortage

U.S. Rep. Joe Heck told Nevada lawmakers Monday that graduate medical school education, career and technical education, unmanned aerial systems and increased international travel were the focus of his efforts in Congress to boost Nevada’s economy and strengthen national security.

Nevada lawmakers debate PERS bills

Bills seeking modest changes to the state public employees retirement system to reduce the cost of pension benefits for new hires were debated at length Monday in a legislative hearing.

Proposed bill would limit federal land control

The ongoing debate over federal control of lands in Nevada will heat up again this week with a hearing on a bill proposed by Assemblywoman Michele Fiore that would prohibit the federal government from owning or managing any lands that it has not acquired with the consent of the Legislature.

State GOP strategy makes them sound like Democrats

The Nevada Senate’s new Republican majority is slipping Democratic ideas into GOP bills. The tactic forces Democrats into awkward choices, and it lets the GOP get its priorities through while also taking credit for popular Democratic proposals.

More I-11 groundwork laid to link north and south

Nevada and Arizona lawmakers laid more groundwork last week for a new highway to link their states to points north and south.

Tallies of abuse-related cases tied to improving Nevada child welfare

Twelve children died from abuse or neglect in Nevada over the last two years, according to a recent legislative auditor’s review. Another nine abused children almost succumbed to their injuries during the same time period.

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