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Grinder McGirt takes his best shot at Shriners Open

He signed the scorecard and then stopped at his golf bag for a quick check of things, and when William McGirt noticed there were only 20 messages awaiting on his cellphone, he was a bit surprised.

Ex-Rebel Campbell finds age no PGA handicap

Remember that critically acclaimed but short-lived TV show called “Men of a Certain Age” starring Ray Romano, about guys who were closing in hard on middle age and trying just as hard to deal with it?

Children take No. 1 spot at Shriners Open

I’m not sure attendance or quality of field should ever hold a significant place in the evaluation of the annual PGA Tour stop in Las Vegas, not until those wearing rhombus-shaped, tasseled red hats are no longer involved.

Las Vegas should’ve jumped at hosting golf Slam

It was last Thursday morning and the flotsam and jetsam of the Tom Brady announcement had just begun to swirl when the PGA of America put out a terse one-paragraph statement: The Grand Slam of Golf, a fairly popular exhibition match featuring the winners of the four majors — or in the case of this year, the three major winners and a capable alternate — would not be held in 2015.

Johnson assumes familiar position at PGA Championship

If majors continue to slip from his grasp, Dustin Johnson will be stuck with the label of a career underachiever. The critics will say he squandered his immense talent, that he never could win the big one.

‘Everybody likes Bubba,’ maybe too much, in PGA Championship

Obviously, it’s cool to be hip and trending. Most people would prefer that as opposed to being hated and vilified. But there is a danger in becoming too popular, and Bubba Watson is walking that proverbial tightrope this week.

Park OK winning ‘under the radar’

“Anything You Can Do”€ was a song written by Irving Berlin for a Broadway musical called “€œAnnie Get Your Gun.”€ It was written in 1946.

British Open drama makes Monday memorable

One of the simple pleasures of being a sports fan is rolling out of bed on a Monday morning and having something live to watch.

Fool’s gold: Betting on Tiger

It was funny for a while —€” and some of his critics might never stop laughing —€” but now it’€™s just a bad joke. Tiger Woods‘€™ struggles on the golf course are getting old.

Johnson too talented not to win major

He has been described by some as a tragic hero, one whose error in judgment inevitably leads to his own destruction.

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