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Rice: The time is now

“I think we have the pieces in place to have a breakout season,” UNLV basketball coach Dave Rice says. “This is UNLV, and I believe that we need to be relevant in March, and we will be relevant in March.”

EDITORIAL: Legislature should support asset forfeiture reform bill

Innocent until proven guilty is supposed to be a hallmark of the American justice system. But in the case of asset forfeiture, it doesn’t work that way in many states, including Nevada for the moment. Civil asset forfeiture laws override constitutional rights, allowing law enforcement to legally steal property of individuals without a conviction, an arrest or even so much as a citation.

Nevadans deserve better options than Common Core

If Common Core is so intellectually healthy for Nevada’s children, then why does it require constant promoting and defending?

EDITORIAL: Capitalism crushes poverty

Capitalism often gets a bad rap. But make no mistake, the incredible decline in poverty worldwide over the past two centuries — and especially over the past three decades — is largely due to economic growth spurred by capitalism and industrialism.

Michigan alum made big bet on in-state rival

Derek Stevens, owner of the D Las Vegas, attended the University of Michigan, so why is he betting on Michigan State to win the NCAA Tournament? He has a million reasons.

Palo Verde leaves Bonanza in dust

Palo Verde coach Kevin Fiddler may never have been so happy to see a failed bunt attempt.

Xerox’s call center will stay open longer than expected

Xerox, the vendor for Nevada Health Link’s first enrollment session, has agreed to keep its call center open two weeks beyond its originally scheduled closing date of Tuesday.

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