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COMMENTARY: Homeless in Las Vegas

Society’s attitude can change and real solutions can be found, despite limited resources.

STEVE SEBELIUS: Amodei is no traitor

President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign decided not to have Rep. Mark Amodei chair its Nevada effort, a change from 2016 occasioned by Amodei saying he supports an impeachment inquiry into the president.

WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: So much fake news floating around

You can’t trust a word the biased, liberal mainstream media tells you about President Donald Trump. They distort, mislead, misrepresent, slander and muddle context.

LETTER: Metro and ICE

What a horrible situation that the Metropolitan Police Department has succumbed to in allowing criminals to roam the streets of Las Vegas

LETTER: Hillary in 2020?

American voters who don’t believe Hillary R. Clinton is running for president in November 2020 also don’t believe California is a welfare state with open borders.

LETTER: No time to eat

Amelia Pak-Harvey once again hit the nail on the head with her Oct. 19 column on school lunch periods being too short for students to get the proper nutrition to support their academic and physical needs.