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Michelle Obama, in Las Vegas, stresses importance of voting

People packed the Chaparral High School gymnasium Sunday evening to hear Michelle Obama, celebrities and local leaders speak on the importance of registering to vote. They called on the crowd to ensure they were registered — and to ensure their friends, family and colleagues were registered — with Election Day around the corner.

Donald Trump and Steve Wynn evolved from rivals to friends — ANALYSIS

President Donald Trump and casino mogul Steve Wynn have been bitter competitors who have bad-mouthed each other, sued each other and poached each other’s top employees in a decades-long faceoff as they jostled to be top dog in the high-stakes casino-friendly Atlantic City.

Nuclear reactor being tested in Nevada could power Mars mission

The Kilopower project, currently undergoing testing at the Nevada National Security Site, aims to develop a small, safe and reliable source of electricity for extended stays on the red planet or unmanned scientific missions in deep space.

Zinke chartered oil exec’s plane for Las Vegas-Montana flight

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke chartered a flight from Las Vegas to near his home in Montana this summer aboard a plane owned by oil-and-gas executives, internal documents show.

Residents coached on preparing for Nevada-style natural disasters

Texas residents knew for days that Hurricane Harvey was coming. But for Nevadans, who call the third-most seismically active state in the country home, a mobile-phone warning would come just minutes before a major earthquake.