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Las Vegas students survive ‘Shark Tank’ contest at CES

Three seniors at Cimarron-Memorial High School emerge victorious in contest based on popular ABC television show with “Conditional Cubes,” a beta product designed to help young students learn computer coding.

Apple loyalists camp outside in Las Vegas for iPhone X

Apple loyalists say it’s a mix of the tech giant’s products and the brand that make them camp out in front of Apple stores to be the first buyers of new products.

In Las Vegas, Al Gore says renewable energy economy ‘taking off’

The Strip was hit by “An Inconvenient Truth” Friday, as former Vice President Al Gore opened the National Clean Energy Conference in Las Vegas with an alarming vision of an unfolding global climate crisis.

Las Vegas drone conference is the industry’s ‘coming-out party’

Last year’s InterDrone introduced the idea of using drones for commercial applications. This year, InterDrone’s third-ever conference is all about how the public sector and different industries are doing just that.

Drone technology on display ahead of Las Vegas conference

For its third annual conference, InterDrone won’t just have drones on the exhibition floor — they’ll be flying around outside, about 30 minutes away.

STEM summer camp for girls wraps up in Nevada

Alexa Cafe is iD Tech’s first all girls weeklong summer program in Nevada focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

New app may help Nevada drivers down the road

Drivers could help assemble a map of Nevada’s roads and warn fellow motorists about potential collisions, all through a smartphone app.