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Three up, three down

Only the first 100 spectators attending Saturday’s “Rise ‘n’ Shine with the Lady Rebels” fanfest at Cox Pavilion were promised a free continental breakfast. But everyone went home with a powdered-sugar-and-milk mustache.

Three Up, Three Down

Chris Ault, UNR’s Hall of Fame football coach, brings to mind the Russian guy who has everything in that DirecTV commercial, only without the Cold War accent and the grammatical errors.

Reno is tired of playing second fiddle to Las Vegas

OK, Reno, I’ve gotta admit I dig the cool zephyrs during summertime, falling asleep to the mournful whistles and clickety-clack, clickety-clack of the Union Pacific and the fact I can break out a bowling shirt and an old pair of Wranglers with holes in the knees and back pockets and blend right in on Virginia Street.

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