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China Ranch offers visitors dates, a unique experience

China Ranch, a family date farm in a secluded oasis near Death Valley National Park, offers visitors a variety of attractions and unique experiences. The farm produces dates from several varieties of palms, as well as delicious date shakes, date bread and other baked goods showcased at a gift shop and snack bar.


Heidi’s Picks is a weekly selection of restaurant suggestions from Review-Journal critic Heidi Knapp Rinella.


Despite the fact that the Strip is a world-class dining destination right in our own backyard, there still are a lot of locals who avoid it at all costs, and last week I was reminded why.

Venues take on new look

After weeks of writing about shows and theater closings, it’s refreshing to have a column’s worth of, well, if not new construction, at least some encouraging activity to refurbish ballrooms, old lounges and showrooms.

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