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Sweets for Your Sweet

You have three days to act like you’ve been putting a lot of thought into her Valentine’s Day present. In case you’re not sure exactly how to do that, we’ve come up with 15 items that should make it much easier on a guy like you.


Dating a chocolate lover? Qua Baths & Spa has a special couples treatment through February that will indulge both you and your partner.

Runway Ready

‘Check’ out the print of the moment

Show Us Your Purse

Jasmine Trias, former American Idol contestant and star of “Society of Seven and Jasmine Trias” at Gold Coast

WSA introduces next fall’s shoe trends

Think of the World Shoes and Accessories trade show at Mandalay Bay Convention Center like a fashion crystal ball. It’s the best forecast Las Vegas has for the shoes and accessories we’ll be wearing six months from now. The trade show whirled through town last week and picked up several new trends with it.


Gail Mayhugh of GMJ Interiors and a columnist for the Home section of the Las Vegas Review-Journal will present a free color clinic Feb. 20 at Sherwin-Williams in Henderson.

Root, soil connection essential for transplant’s success

: My neighbor is getting rid of his two Italian cypress trees and my husband offered to dig them up and transplant them into our yard. They are about 8-9 feet tall and do show a bit of browning. Is it worth the effort of transplanting them or will they not take the stress? If we do dig them up, how far out to we dig?

Harness sun’s energy for home’s power needs

There was a time when a solar eclipse struck fear into the hearts and minds of those who did not understand what caused the sun to briefly disappear during the middle of the day. Now when the moon casts its shadow while passing between the Earth and sun we enjoy the relatively rare experience.

Ceremonial rattles created to tell stories

A recent auction sold a 19th-century carved and painted wooden “raven rattle” made by Northwest Coast Indians. Its shape is very unusual.

Indigo walls keep you from becoming blue

The color blue has a power all its own. It is the most familiar and most favored color in the spectrum, not surprising, as we are surrounded by the many blue hues seen in the sky and oceans.