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Ladies Only: A spring show has been added to the Las Vegas Woman’s Expo and it takes place from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday at Red Rock Casino in the Red Rock Ballroom. The event highlights the latest trends in fashion and shopping, anti-aging treatments and cosmetics, spa and beauty treatments, food and chocolate, home decor, health and weight loss. The Men of Sapphire will perform and the first 200 women receive complimentary goody bags. Admission is $10 at the door or free tickets can be obtained at lvwomanmagazine.com/expo.

Here & Now

It’s a throwback for the fellas. These PRO-Keds Royal Plus basketball sneakers originally were introduced in the early ’70s. The revised version fuses its basketball roots with today’s urban fashion look. They’re available in orange, gray, black, blue and come in lo-tops, too. PRO-Keds Royal Plus sneakers, $100, revolveclothing.com

Opposites attract in home design, too

Ken and Sue are living proof that opposites attract. Ken, an old hippie at heart, is content to curl up with a good book, while social Sue thinks life is one big dinner party. And when it comes to their design tastes, things are just as polarized: Ken likes traditional lines, antiques and lots of color, while Sue thrives on a neutral, urban vibe. They work in separate spaces in their town house, which Sue bought before meeting Ken, but at the end of each day, they want to hang out together in a room that suits them both.

Coordinating colors create happy-looking home

Men and women differ in many ways, as we know all too well. Viva la difference? Absolutely. One of the ways we differ is in our preference of color. For example, a study by Guilford and Smith in 1959 revealed that men were more tolerant toward achromatic (colorless) atmospheres than women. With that in mind, Guilford and Smith deduced that women might be more color-conscious.

Local events

Table makers found creative solutions

The problem of making a table that takes up a small space but provides a large tabletop has been solved in many ways.

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