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So much stress, even livesavers squirm

There are times when University Medical Center nurse Robin Parks wants to leave her patient’s room and howl in frustration.
“Some families just can’t handle the stigma of someone close to them having HIV, but pneumonia’s OK,” Parks says.

ROAD WARRIOR: Drivers win some, lose some on roads in 2011

Over the past year, transportation agencies were kind enough to decorate what seemed like almost every major street in our city with lovely little orange cones and giant festive orange barrels.

Tale of courtroom romance hard to unravel

Advice to couples with conflicts: Don’t pick a fight with someone who can launch a grand jury probe and subpoena your texts and emails.

Politician deserves credit for devising bills to help the many

Never met Shirley Breeden, but from what I’ve heard, I might have mocked her lack of understanding of issues prior to her 2008 election, when she unseated then-Sen. Joe Heck, a Republican who seemed eminently more qualified although far more conservative.

Hey kids, it’s OK to play. Fun, too

So now it’s come to this: We have to teach preschoolers that it’s good — and fun — to run and jump.
And, oh yes, we also must teach them to ask their parents if they can go out and play.

Sheep bridges also give humans safe passage

Arizona officials spent $4.8 million on three crossings in a 15-mile stretch of U.S. Highway 93 when the highway was widened through the sheep’s range.

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