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Waiting to get wet

The new Aquatics Center at Hollywood Community Park may or may not open this season, but when it does it will offer great swimming with a view.

Keyhole Canyon’s rocks a canvas for nature, ancient art

If you can hit the trail early on these days of late spring, you can still sneak into a few lower-elevation destinations before temperatures soar into the misery range. A good point for such a dawn attack might be Keyhole Canyon in the western foot of the Eldorado Mountains about 20 miles south of Boulder City.

Beans have rotten time in cool spring

Bean plants could suffer collar rot when springtime weather is cool and causes soil to retain moisture.

Special oxygen mask may save lives

Stephen Letso has asthma, so shortness of breath isn’t that unusual. But on an early morning in February, when an inhaler wouldn’t control his symptoms, he was afraid he would never catch his breath again.

Outdoor Brief

For many local anglers, catfish put the “sport” in fishing. They are strong fighters and larger than the common bullhead. Catfish offer good flavor at the dinner table, too.

Out There


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