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Summer fun flows at Big Bear Lake

Big Bear Lake, California, is one of the closest high-elevation destinations for Southern Nevadans seeking a summer getaway with cool temperatures.

Steps help make the most of compost

The ingredients and methods for composting are the same regardless of where you live, but those who reside in the Southwest may want to consider a few additional suggestions.

Residents should be wary of rattlesnakes on trails near rural areas

Henderson resident Bill Samuels was running with his dog on the River Mountains Loop Trail when it was struck by a rattlesnake. The dog survived, but Samuels says he won’t be taking her on the trail again this summer.

Iris corms tend to be late bloomers

In many cases, an iris needs a year or sometims more to get established before it will bloom. Much depends on the size of the rhizome that was planted and how it was planted.

Use semi-rotten veggies to eat away at pillbugs

Question: I have voracious pillbugs eating my tomato plants, starting at the stalk at ground level.  These are the bugs that resemble armadillos and can roll themselves into a ball. Is there anything I can do to protect the plants or get rid of the bugs?