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Orleans casino robber pleads guilty

A man who robbed at gunpoint a casino cashier at The Orleans of $40,000 and stole two vehicles last year has agreed to plead guilty as a habitual offender.

X-ray reveals cocaine pellets in suspect’s body

A German man is facing a drug charge after authorities accused him of trying to board a plane with more than a kilogram of cocaine in his digestive system. According to court records, an X-ray revealed Christopher Adiegwu had numerous 1-inch pellets in his upper digestive system after he was stopped on Aug. 17 at McCarran International Airport.

Sandoval will pick one of three lawyers to fill court vacancy

The Nevada Commission on Judicial Selection on Wednesday submitted three names to Gov. Brian Sandoval who will appoint one to the 8th District judgeship vacated by Judge Jackie Glass.

Three indicted in Katherine Cole slaying

Three suspects indicted Wednesday in the slaying of Katherine Cole, including her daughter, could face the death penalty. Prosecutors say Autumn Cole knew when her mother would be home from work and timed a break-in that led to the strangulation of the 68-year-old woman. A grand jury indicted Autumn Cole, Joseph Perez and Lorenzo Cardenas-Sanchez on charges including murder, robbery and kidnapping.

Former Henderson city attorney will pay fine, attend DUI classes

The drunken driving case that cost former Henderson City Attorney Elizabeth Quillin her job has concluded with a guilty plea. Quillin on Tuesday pleaded guilty to DUI-first offense. She was ordered to pay a $585 fine and attend a DUI class and a victim impact panel.

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