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Fiction, nonfiction, children’s books make reviewer’s list of best books for 2013

Reading. Pfft. Who has time? Who can take hours and hours to actually read a book, especially if it’s not all that good? Why waste that kind of time? You wonder that often, which is where I come in. It’s my job to find the good stuff for you and, for this calendar year, these are the books I loved best that you shouldn’t miss.

Book review: Bilingual story shares spirit of the holiday

Every year, Arturo and his abuela decorate their Christmas tree with special ornaments, but in the new book“Arturo and the Navidad Birds” by Anne Broyles, illustrated by KE Lewis, there was one year when the tradition was nearly shattered.

Kids can pass the time until Christmas with family treasury

Like most kids, you love it when someone reads one of your favorite Christmas stories aloud. You probably enjoy singing Christmas carols, too. “The Family Christmas Treasury” will help you do both by including the words to some of those songs you love, along with several holiday story favorites.

Celebrate the season with ‘Hanukkah in Alaska’

If your kids need something new to read every Hanukkah, then stop your search right here. For family or for fun, “Hanukkah in Alaska” is a book your 3- to 6-year-old will want to see.

New children’s book blends holiday traditions into heartwarming tale

You love getting presents — but do you know how much fun it is to give them? In the new book, “Boris and Stella and the Perfect Gift” by Dara Goldman, you’ll see that giving is sometimes better than getting.

Book review: “The Snatchabook” by Helen and Thomas Docherty

The other night at bedtime, there was big trouble. You went to grab your favorite storybook and… it was gone! You looked under the bed. You searched in your toybox. You peeked into the closet, the kitchen, beneath the sofa, in the laundry, and in your brother’s bedroom. Where could it be? You’re not sure, but if you read “The Snatchabook” by Helen Docherty & Thomas Docherty, I think you’ll know.

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