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MBAs play poker in Las Vegas to win job at Caesars

Forget the firm handshake and networking chit chat. Business students who want a job at Caesars Entertainment need to work on their poker faces.

Coming in this week’s Las Vegas Business Press

COVER STORY: Are you recycling as much as you could? That’s the question companies across Las Vegas are asking as they look to minimize trash and transform some of their garbage into revenue streams.

New rehab facility vows to put clients’ needs first

A young man is lying on a couch in the fetal position with his back turned to the automatic sliding door. Across from him, a man stands behind the reception desk, with the words “Desert Hope” mounted on the wall just above his head.

UNLV promotes new stadium plan in Q&A

The Review-Journal asked UNLV to answer questions about aspects of the plan to build a 60,000-seat domed venue with the world’s biggest indoor video screen on campus near the Strip.