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UNLV Solar Decathlon team project sustains green effort

Here’s a riddle for you: What is beautiful, totally green and red all over? The answer: Desert Sol, of course! Desert Sol is the name of the green home designed and built by the amazingly talented UNLV students collectively known as Team Las Vegas.

Space, work style dictate desk’s construction and size

Our plane touched down in San Francisco early that morning, and my clients and I were off and running on a mission to locate the perfect desk for their beloved grandchildren. Of course, there were other items to be selected as well, but the desk was top of our list.

Bold is beautiful, breezy

When selecting jewelry, it is all about the C’s: color, clarity, cut and carat. Selecting outdoor furnishings next spring also will be about the C’s: color, comfort and customization.

Time grows short for planting ornamentals

It is not too late to plant most ornamental trees and shrubs as well as fruit trees this time of year. However, we are getting to the end of an ideal time for planting. Palm trees are exception and you should avoid planting poems any time during the fall.

Stud needed to install grab bar

Q: My father nearly slipped and fell in the shower. I want to install a grab bar to help prevent this from happening again. The shower is average in size and has ceramic tile on the walls. Any suggestions?

Small splashes of color add flavor of fall

DEAR GAIL: I moved to Las Vegas in May from Vermont and fall was my favorite season before the bitter color of our snow-filled winter, which is the reason I moved here. I was surrounded by the amazing fall colors outside. I know fall is a bit different here, so I’d like to do some simple things to bring the outside I so enjoyed inside. What are your favorite things to do? — Gloria

Pomegranates can vary in color – inside and out

Q: I planted a pomegranate tree two years ago and this year it produced six fruits. One was of decent size while the others were on the small side. When the large one split, I picked it only to find the inside was light pink. The seeds were well-developed but not the expected red color.

Victorian-era sewers toyed with fabrics

Our Victorian ancestors made many of the toys their children played with. Inexpensive printed fabrics were designed to be cut out and sewn into dolls, games or toys. The fabric usually pictured all the parts of a colorful toy. There also were printed instructions explaining how to assemble the pieces and, if necessary, how to stuff it.

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