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House wins again in employee tip-pooling lawsuit

“It is unlawful for any person to take all or part of any tips or gratuities bestowed upon the employees of that person”

Slavery is bad, mmkay, but so is moral cowardice

Let’s put aside for a moment the most outrageous part of the recently unveiled videotape of Assemblyman Jim Wheeler, R-Gardnerville, saying he’d vote to bring back slavery if his constituents favored it.

What’s American and what’s not

Few debates in American politics are more useless than who is more patriotic than whom.

Gay marriage appeal that was begging to be filed

This is the appeal that had to happen. And, it just may be the appeal that changes things for thousands across the country.

‘Reno gov’ no more?

One of my politically savvy friends once told me his idea for a devastating ad that could be used against Gov. Brian Sandoval.

Debt ceiling deadline leaves only one good plan

Welcome to debt-ceiling eve! Thursday is the day when the secretary of the treasury says the government will run out of borrowing authority and run into trouble paying its bills.