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Good looks or good sense? Home designs that don’t make you choose

Increasingly savvy consumers aren’t satisfied with the idea they must choose between practicality and good looks, and their rejection of the notion is fueling one of the hottest new design trends. Smart manufacturers are responding, creating innovations that are driven by how people truly use products, and not just by how those products look.

Financial aid for college in 5 steps

The majority of parents of high school students know that the future will very likely hold a college education for their child. But what is often uncertain is how they will pay for that education. About 60 percent of high school graduates enroll in a college or university for advanced studies according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Give back while moving from one community to another

Moving from one home, one city and even one state to another is a great opportunity to clean house and start fresh. Instead of packing all belongings – even those that haven’t been used in years – moving gives families a chance to reduce their material goods so that what ends up being unpacked in the new house is immediately used.