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UNLV Solar Decathlon team project sustains green effort

Here’s a riddle for you: What is beautiful, totally green and red all over? The answer: Desert Sol, of course! Desert Sol is the name of the green home designed and built by the amazingly talented UNLV students collectively known as Team Las Vegas.

Space, work style dictate desk’s construction and size

Our plane touched down in San Francisco early that morning, and my clients and I were off and running on a mission to locate the perfect desk for their beloved grandchildren. Of course, there were other items to be selected as well, but the desk was top of our list.

Bold is beautiful, breezy

When selecting jewelry, it is all about the C’s: color, clarity, cut and carat. Selecting outdoor furnishings next spring also will be about the C’s: color, comfort and customization.

Time grows short for planting ornamentals

It is not too late to plant most ornamental trees and shrubs as well as fruit trees this time of year. However, we are getting to the end of an ideal time for planting. Palm trees are exception and you should avoid planting poems any time during the fall.

Little boy steals spotlight from Pope Francis

Speaking in St. Peter’s Square Pope Francis was joined by a little boy who wandered on stage during a “Family Day” celebration.

Two provisions affect government employees

When it comes to Social Security, many government employees have questions about two provisions of the law that may affect them. These provisions are the Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provision.

Mature adults are rocking retirement

Generations ago, retirement was thought of as a time to take it easy — a time of rocking on porch chairs and reminiscing about the good ol’ days. But that’s not the case with the current generation of retirees. In fact, many older people today rock on. Just look at some of the superstars touring and performing concerts this year who are old enough to collect Social Security retirement payments. They’re still rocking, but not in chairs.

Online account is just a few keystrokes away

Useful information about your Social Security earnings and benefits is just a few keystrokes away when you create your online my Social Security account.

MountainView Hospital nurses voice staffing concerns

Bundled against chilly 60-degree temperatures, nurses dressed in scrubs and armed with glow sticks gathered Tuesday evening in front of MountainView Hospital to hold a candlelight vigil over hospital staffing concerns.