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Want to see more on a Mediterranean cruise? Consider ship size and itinerary

It’s hard to imagine a more perfect travel destination than the Mediterranean – from the sea to the land, natural and cultural treasures enrich and inspire. Rugged cliffs, deep blue seascapes and historic cities hugging the coast all contribute to create a place that is truly unique in the world. There are a number of ways to travel the region, but perhaps the only way to get the full experience is to take a well-planned Mediterranean cruise.

The 5 money habits that can help you find true wealth

When did money get so complicated? From spending and charity to saving and investing, it’s hard to know exactly what to do with your finances. Cut through the confusion and consider five smart ways you can use your money to your advantage today.

2013’s hottest home trends and easy upgrades

The top home decor trends for 2013 are already emerging, and homeowners seeking a fresh look will find a lot to love. Not only can these looks be accomplished in minimal time – they’re budget friendly and easy enough for DIYers to finish in a weekend or less.

Worried about holiday eating: dietary moderation and balance

From sports to home makeovers, Americans seem to love the concept of going to extremes. So it’s no surprise that some people might think eating healthy and losing weight requires an all-or-nothing approach. But diet myths notwithstanding, nutritionists largely agree that a healthy lifestyle requires moderation and balance.

Understanding the new health care law and what it means for you

Health care is sure to be a hot topic throughout 2013. With existing and upcoming effects from the Affordable Care Act, many Americans face changes when it comes to their health and their insurance plans. The law is confusing and the changes are complex. It’s important to understand how this law will affect your health care and what you personally need to do in the future.

The inside scoop on energy and alertness boosters

If you’ve never used an energy or alertness aid before, you may wonder how to choose one that will work best for you. While each person’s needs are different, and their body’s reaction to energy-enhancing products will vary, here’s some basic information to keep in mind.

Rx for the busy parent: Simple tips to reduce stress and feel your best

Few Americans are more time-strapped than parents. From the moment the alarm chimes, it can feel like a race to get through the day. From prepping for school or day care, to finalizing school projects and running to after-school activities, there’s hardly a moment to spare. And with career demands, the stress of being a busy parent can really set in and negatively affect the body in many ways. Here are some simple ways to stay healthy that you can do in just minutes.

Who has time for sick days? Tips to fight the cold, cough and flu this year

While health experts advise sick workers to stay home to avoid spreading germs, few of us can afford to take that many sick days off from work or home life. Fortunately, you can get by fighting cold and flu symptoms if you’re not able to take sick days.