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Former assemblyman Brooks arrested in California after highway chase

The video is disturbing, if not shocking. Former Nevada Assemblyman Steven Brooks is thrown to the ground, and a police officer jumps on him. The officer winds up for three powerful punches, although it’s unclear whether he strikes Brooks.

Nevada legislators question need for new death chamber

Nevada lawmakers questioned Corrections Department Director Greg Cox on Wednesday about the need to build a new $700,000 execution chamber at Ely State Prison.

Senate, Assembly consider gun control issues

CARSON CITY — The man who killed four people in a IHOP restaurant in 2011 was a “paranoid schizophrenic” and “gun nut” who wrote a high school paper on gun safety, Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong told legislators Friday.

Families of crime victims testify for state DNA testing bill

The mothers of two murdered college students and the father of rescued kidnap victim Elizabeth Smart testified Thursday that hundreds of lives would be saved and falsely convicted inmates would be exonerated if the Nevada Legislature approves a bill to require anyone arrested for a felony crime to give a DNA cheek swab to police.

Judge sets date for assemblyman’s hearing

A judge scheduled a May 7 evidentiary hearing on criminal allegations that an embattled state lawmaker attacked a police officer during a domestic dispute last month.

Brooks neglects constituents

CARSON CITY — Assemblyman Steven Brooks might soon suffer the ultimate political loss if he is found unfit for office by his peers, but he isn’t the only victim of his own recent erratic behavior.

Chief justice laments judicial budget cuts in Nevada, nation

Nevada Chief Justice Kristina Pickering told state legislators Friday that budget cuts imposed on the courts nationally and in the state are causing economic losses as businesses and citizens face delays in resolving disputes.