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Local housing market heating up

It’s happening again. Not nearly to the degree of the boom years, but if you listen closely, you can hear it.

Who’s paying for all these bike lanes?

In northwest Las Vegas, I motor from time to time along Lone Mountain Road between Jones and Decatur boulevards.

Tark merits Hall of Fame

What the NCAA failed to do to UNLV basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian, his local newspaper did.

Brooks expulsion

The case for booting Steven Brooks from the Assembly was air-tight and iron-clad more than a month ago. Yet state lawmakers, in trying to demonstrate due diligence and avoid a rush to judgment, did nearly everything possible to diminish the credibility of the unprecedented expulsion.

Bringing public project costs into reality

Employers who waste money don’t survive, so they become pretty good at determining the prevailing wage for any given job.

We all share responsibility to spread Easter good will

It is Easter Sunday, the most holy day of the Christian calendar, a day of celebrating what is believed to be the most singular event in the history of the world.

On Easter, a message of hope

Hope is one of those little words in too-short supply. We face the challenges of economics, of elusive peace in the world, or even the hard work of maintaining health and relationships and often ask ourselves, “Is there any hope?” Sometimes it is just because we face struggle, but often, I think, it’s because we are reluctant to share the signs of hope that are around us.

Change for sake of change not enough

The Nevada System of Higher Education is proposing a new formula to fund higher education in the state. The method by which we fund our universities and colleges means a great deal for job creation, economic development and the long-term future of Southern Nevada.

A very bad day for mining

Even for a Legislative Building that has pretty much seen it all, the exchanges last week between state Sen. Michael Roberson, R-Henderson, and Nevada Mining Association President Tim Crowley was bizarre.

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