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Cultural changes alter views at Nevada Legislature

Recognizing a cultural shift, some top Nevada Republican lawmakers have joined an effort to repeal the states’s decade-old constitutional language that defines marriage as between a man and a woman, taking the first step toward possibly legalizing gay marriage.

Former assemblyman Brooks arrested in California after highway chase

The video is disturbing, if not shocking. Former Nevada Assemblyman Steven Brooks is thrown to the ground, and a police officer jumps on him. The officer winds up for three powerful punches, although it’s unclear whether he strikes Brooks.

Election gambling highlights ninth week of Nevada Legislature

The ninth week of the Nevada Legislature will feature hearings on bills that would allow election betting, create a state dog and expand the state’s English language learners program.

Assembly leaders back residency bill for Nevada legislators

Without mentioning Assemblyman Andrew Martin, Democratic and Republican Assembly leaders testified Friday for a bill to prevent situations like the one that occurred last year when he was elected even though a district judge ruled he could not run.

Goal for marijuana dispensary bill: Make it a safe system

A bill that would authorize the establishment of dispensaries where Nevadans could purchase marijuana for medicinal purposes must ensure the facilities operate like professional pharmacies and not follow the “Jerry Garcia lounge” model, a lawmaker said Friday.

Bill would raise nude dancing age limit to 21 in Nevada

A state law that allows young women to dance in the nude once they reach 18 years of age, as long as alcohol is not served, is under fire in the Nevada Senate.

Nevada Assembly ousts embattled legislator Brooks

The bizarre 10-week long odyssey of troubled state lawmaker Steven Brooks saw some measure of finality Thursday when the Nevada Assembly voted to expel him from the Nevada Legislature.

Lawmaker pushes bill to restrict ownership of dangerous animals

Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson argued Thursday night that it’s imperative to public safety for the Legislature to swiftly approve his bill to outlaw the private ownership of dangerous animals.

Heller brings message of unity to Carson City

U.S. Sen. Dean Heller told state legislators Thursday that both political parties must work together in Nevada and Washington, D.C., to end the recession and make the nation prosperous.

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