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Reinvent yourself: How to start your own (creative) business

Many graduates in creative fields like graphic design, interior design or Web design are opting to start their own businesses. This is because recent figures show only a slight reduction in the unemployment rate, and job growth is at its lowest in six months. So, how can you make your business a success?

Summer garden glory without the weeding and watering

Summer can be tough on gardens. In what should be their glory days, many gardens suffer from neglect. Long weekends and summer vacations leave yards untended, while summer heat is an excuse for putting off chores. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s possible to have both a glorious well-maintained garden and time for fun in the sun by taking some smart gardening steps now.

Five swimming pool myths that are all wet

From the belief that it costs too much to operate a pool to the misconception it will go unused, myths about pool ownership abound – and they likely dissuade some homeowners from making this valuable home improvement. If you’ve been considering adding a swimming pool to your outdoor environment, here are five common myths that simply don’t hold water.

How to turn your backyard into the best vacation destination

There’s a reason why virtually every great hotel in a great location has a pool and hot tub: people love recreation and relaxation. When it comes to creating a resort-like vacation experience in your backyard, nothing fits the bill better than a swimming pool or hot tub.

Technology can turn $25 into a family giving tradition

Technology has been connecting families for generations. The invention of the phone let us hear voices of loved ones far away, and the creation of the Internet helped us to see them. Today, those same technologies that we’ve used to bring our families closer together are helping us to connect with and support families who are worlds apart. In doing so, the very concept and experience of “gifting” and philanthropy is being transformed.

Tips for small-business owners making banking choices

From figuring out where to open up a new shop so that it gets great foot traffic to choosing the right employees, all a small business owner’s decisions are important for the health of their business.

Six rules to help keep your teen driver safe

If you worry about the kind of car your teen will drive, you’re not alone. In a survey commissioned by USAA, 81 percent of parents put reliability first when choosing a vehicle for their teens, followed by a high safety rating. The good news is that teens also want cars with the latest safety features.