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Moving in the military? How to make the process easier

Moving can cause stress for family members, especially military families that are required to move frequently and potentially without a lot of warning. Sometimes these moves are within a base, while other times they can be to a new base on the other side of the country

Tips for men to look and feel their best all summer long

Let’s face it: summer is the season when everyone wants to look and feel their best. Warm weather and long days mean everyone’s heading outdoors, hanging with friends and enjoying the best of the season. Even the guys are looking great – from relaxing at the beach, to putting down the golf greens, to walking the city sidewalks.

Two-in-one tools for busy moms on the go

Any mom will tell you there are never enough hours in the day to “do it all.” Research indicates working moms spend 10 hours more a week multitasking than working dads – making useful, efficient tools Mom’s secret weapon for getting more done. Whether yours is a family of three or 13, try these multi-functional tools to keep up around the house.

Hands-on advice for getting the best from your touchscreen mobile device

From its very basic beginnings in the mid-1960s to the first consumer applications on ATM machines in the ’80s, touchscreen technology has reached virtually everywhere – including our pocket-sized mobile devices. As astounding as the touch-enabled smartphone or mobile device is, you still need to handle and use it wisely in order to ensure its optimal functionality. Here is some hands-on advice to help ensure you get the best out of your mobile device.

Preparation and technology can help you weather the storm

The last few years have brought record destruction from natural disasters. Technology can help you prepare for the unknown. Whether it’s building an emergency plan or securing your important documents, a little planning can make it easier to recover from a disaster. And fortunately, today, abundant technology tools are available to help you do just that.

Moving this summer? Navigate the peak season like a pro

Summer is busiest time of the year for home and business moves. In fact, an estimated 65 percent of the 43 million Americans who are moving this year will do so in the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day. What does that mean for those with a move in the immediate future? Cut down on the stress and try some simple tips to make moving a breeze.

You can donate your time as well as your money

Nonprofit organizations depend on monetary donations to keep their operations running and support the communities they serve. Many people, however, want to do more than write a check to local organizations they support, so they become volunteers.