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Hitting the road? Apps to pack to avoid summer brain drain

Warm weather and sunshine are putting families across the country in vacation-planning mode. Whether traveling by train, plane or automobile, mobile devices are typically the first thing parents and kids pack.By doing a little homework, parents can find an app for every kind of kid – world traveler, animal lover, nature explorer or inquisitive preschooler. Here is what you need to know.

Three ways to bring added entertainment to your outdoor experiences

There’s a reason it’s called the “great” outdoors. Nothing can quite compare with the beauty and majesty of wild places. When summer rolls around, the urge to explore grows for many people, inspiring millions of travelers to camp, hike and tour the country’s natural wonders. Modern outdoor enthusiasts have discovered that technology makes it even more fun to spend time in off-the-beaten-track locations.

How to avoid a big tax bill or fine-tune your refund

Think back to your last income tax return. Did you owe Uncle Sam a lot of money, or did he give you a big refund? Whatever your situation, you can influence next year’s outcome by adjusting your payroll withholding. Here’s what you need to know.

Cool ways to enjoy your outdoor spaces through the dog days of summer

When warm weather arrives, does your family head outdoors to enjoy your patio or deck? Do they then turn around and head right back into the air-conditioned comfort when summer sun and temperatures make outdoor living spaces too hot to handle? Here are some ideas for how you can make your outdoor living spaces cooler, more comfortable and enjoyable all summer long.

Ask the pharmacist: How to avoid medication misfortune during a natural disaster

Whether it’s plywood, bottled water or generators, Americans gather the necessary supplies and seek the appropriate shelter if confronted by the wrath of Mother Nature. Regardless of the disaster – hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires – lives can be turned upside-down in an instant. Some of the most commonly overlooked items, as people stock up for emergencies, are prescription medications. In some cases, not having access to necessary medication can itself be a life-threatening situation.

Technology makes it easy to work from home and enjoy summer to the max

No one wants to see a cloud on a sunny summer day, but when it comes to how technology can make your life better, a different type of cloud can actually brighten your day. Cloud storage – often referred to as just “the cloud” – makes it easy to work at home or from anywhere, plus it makes it a snap to plan summer activities. Here’s how you can make your experiences less stressful and more meaningful with a few technology tips and tricks.