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Is America facing a retirement crisis?

Is America facing a “looming catastrophe” when it comes to retirement? One expert believes so. At a recent summit sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a Fidelity Investments executive used these words to describe the potential future of millions of baby boomers who plan to retire in the coming decades.

Younger men may be at high risk for throat cancer

Recently there has been a dramatic shift: Younger men who do not drink nor smoke and are in the prime of their physical health are being diagnosed with throat cancer. The increase is due to a common virus called the human papillomavirus (HPV), and many men don’t even know they have it.

Road trip tips to spice up summer

It’s the great American summer travel tradition: the road trip. Whether you stay close to home or take off for a coast-to-coast jaunt, there’s no better way to enjoy the experience of travel as much as the destinations you visit. But a truly great road trip doesn’t just happen – it takes careful planning and the right gear.

With the right approach, former homeowners can get on the path to homeownership again

The housing market is re-emerging, building strength and showing signs of robustness that just a few years ago seemed almost impossible. Back then, millions of homeowners were affected by a weak economy and the inability to keep pace with the financial demands of monthly mortgage payments and the associated expenses. As a result, many faced the reality of foreclosure and short sales, threatening that crucial aspect of the American dream. But today, what started off as a glimmer of new hope in the housing sector is shining brighter, and many people who lost their homes are looking for new avenues to rebuild what they worked so hard for.

Paying for college, without sacrificing your ‘nest egg’

As high school seniors get ready to graduate, many of their families are preparing to send them off to college. Tasked with more than goodbye’s and packing, these families are working to balance important competing financial goals – from paying for their children’s college to saving for their retirement years. Having the right financial plan in place can help families prepare for rising tuition costs, without compromising their retirement “nest egg.”

Smart, safe storage and organization for back to school

A little organization goes a long way. Not only can it lead to career success and personal productivity, but as students head back to class this fall, it can also provide health benefits and increase student security. Security in schools is a major concern for Americans, with 60 percent of respondents in a recent nationwide survey of 1,000 U.S. adults stating that they worry about the security of their children’s belongings in a school setting. Here are some smart, safe storage and organization for back to school that you need to know about.

Drones – coming to a neighborhood near you

Worried about the security of your home or business? Wondering how safe your neighborhood is? Curious about how well your crops or livestock are doing? neighborhood is? Curious about how well your crops or livestock are doing? The answer may be drone technology – the same technology that has been used in the fight against terrorism and to patrol our nation’s borders.