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Steps to an updated outdoor entertaining space

Is your outdoor patio or deck looking a bit dated and dingy? Does it reflect your home’s personality? Whether you’re planning to host outdoor festivities with friends and family or just grilling up gourmet creations, a few changes can really liven up your outdoor space and add value to your home.

Tricks to take care of clogged drains

Nothing can ruin a pleasant day faster than the thought of shutting down a crucial room in your home until the plumber arrives. But it’s a fact of home-owning life: At some point, the drains in your home will become clogged. Here are few easy ways to avoid clogged drains.

Decked out for summer: Three easy tips for making your dream deck a reality

Summer means deck time for many Americans. A deck is an ideal spot for relaxation and entertaining. Imagine a cook-out with friends, snoozing in the sun on a hot day, snuggling with your sweetheart watching shooting stars, or having a backyard camp-out with the kids. Are you dreaming of deck time this summer, but dreading the construction and maintenance required? Although decks provide hours of fun and relaxation, the thought of adding a new deck or refurbishing an existing one can loom as a chore that cuts into summer fun.

Women athletes have races geared just for them

Women are busier than ever these days – the latest report from RunningUSA says women account for nearly eight million U.S. road-race finishers, with the number continuing to climb. For many women, running provides an opportunity to take a break from the challenges of work, family and other stress to be their best selves while combining fun, personal accomplishment and camaraderie with others.

Food for thought: Cutting back on salt may cause you to eat more

Our bodies naturally crave salt, a necessary nutrient, and research shows that we gravitate to the amount we need for our bodies to function properly. Salt deficiency has been linked to a host of health concerns, including insulin resistance, increased risk of heart attacks and reduced cognition. But what if eating less salt also increases your weight by making you eat more?

Four simple tips to help you land a great job

Whether you’re just graduating and entering the job market for the first time or you’re changing careers, job searching is never easy. In today’s high-tech society, many potential employers are turning to social media to learn more about you. Here are some top tech tools and social media tips for landing your dream job.