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Heller committed to fixing financial reform

Now that the effects of the recession are beginning to recede, many people are feeling safer and more secure about the economy again.

Republican on Republican primary violence!

Anybody who thinks Nevada’s Republican team is focused and working very well together probably should ask Senate Minority Leader Michael Roberson about that.

He said what? Fundraising strains Sandoval’s messages

Fundraising is one of the most distasteful things about politics. Sometimes, you have to say things so out of character, they can surprise even the people who know you.

NSA spying vote makes strange bedfellows

It’s always a kick when left and right come together to question the power of the federal government.

Incident should give second thoughts on gun laws

During the 2013 Legislature’s debate over a bill to require background checks for almost all private-party gun sales, there were plenty of what-ifs.

Nevada case could decide gay marriage issue for all

There were plenty who were disappointed recently when the U.S. Supreme Court decided California’s Proposition 8 gay-marriage case without really rendering an opinion.

Medical marijuana users still worry about DUI

Now that Nevada’s Legislature has ended 13 years of ignoring a voter-approved constitutional mandate to provide medical marijuana to sick people, everything’s fine. Right?

Reid wins the day, at least for now

In Washington, there is no tomorrow or yesterday, only today, right now, this exact moment.

‘None of these’ lives on!

In the critically neglected 1996 action film “Executive Decision,” hero Kurt Russell finally confronts the terrorist leader who has taken over a 747 bound for Washington, D.C., and loaded with nerve gas. “Who are you?” the terrorist demands.