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Maintenance gets no respect

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas and the University of Nevada, Reno have a serious building maintenance funding shortfall, on the order of more than $1 billion, as reported Friday by the Review-Journal’s Yesenia Amaro. Add in the College of Southern Nevada campuses, and there’s an additional $200 million in unfunded work.

ELL challenges can be met through coordination, debate, cooperation

Review-Journal columnist Glenn Cook’s recent series on the English Language Learner crisis has drawn attention to the education challenge that Nevada faces. As Cook notes, the key to improved outcomes is to focus on the key demographics that are in crisis — ELL children and children from impoverished backgrounds.

Can new panel help save English Language Learner program?

Nevada needs another education panel about as much as it needs another wildfire. The state’s flow chart of school commissions and councils, and how they interact with one another, looks like something out of a Sunday “Dilbert” comic strip. Obviously, this bureaucratic maze hasn’t served Nevada students especially well.

We need fully functioning new citizens

The term “CIR” is the hot acronym these days. It stands for “Comprehensive Immigration Reform.” When you see the word “comprehensive” in the title of any piece of legislation, put on your skeptic’s glasses.

ObamaCare’s summer of fall

Events of the past two weeks have shined a light on just how unwieldy and inoperable the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act already is, even though most of its provisions haven’t been implemented yet.

‘None of these’ lives on!

In the critically neglected 1996 action film “Executive Decision,” hero Kurt Russell finally confronts the terrorist leader who has taken over a 747 bound for Washington, D.C., and loaded with nerve gas. “Who are you?” the terrorist demands.