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Yes, you can trust the poor

Let us for a moment contemplate the state of charity in the world. Let’s use Heifer International as the model.

Priceless commodity

If you think you’re paying a lot for water now, just wait. Your bill is headed up. Way up.

Giving relief to road worriers

In a sputtering economy that just can’t seem to shift into second gear, any idea to raise anybody’s taxes deserves serious scrutiny. But even when consumers are strapped, there are times — very rare times — when more money must be available to get important work done.

EDITORIAL: Charges against protesters rightly dropped

A handful of peaceful local demonstrators, protesting Las Vegas police shootings, delivered their messages last month with washable chalk on the sidewalks outside police headquarters and the Regional Justice Center.

OPINION: Minimum wage hike means fewer jobs

On Thursday, labor-backed walkouts targeted fast-food outlets in Las Vegas and more than a dozen other major American cities from coast to coast. Workers are demanding a more than 100 percent increase in the minimum wage, to $15 an hour.

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