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Human foot washes ashore at San Francisco beach

Authorities say a human foot in a running shoe has washed ashore on San Francisco’s Ocean Beach with no sign of the rest of the body.

Macabre tourist stop: Infamous serial killer’s house

A former boardinghouse where seven bodies were found in the yard in 1988 has become a tourist destination. The rented Victorian duplex in Sacramento was operated by Dorothea Puente.

New Miss America fights back against racist comments

The new Miss America says she is “first and foremost” an American after facing a slew of racist comments aimed at her Indian heritage.

Southern Nevada teams help with rescue efforts in Colorado

Nevada Task Force 1 arrived in Loveland, Colo., Sunday afternoon and hit the ground running, setting up camp and deploying a 45-member team for rescue missions.

Honest homeless man returns money-filled backpack

A homeless Boston man who police said turned in a backpack containing tens of thousands of dollars in cash and traveler’s checks said even if he were desperate he wouldn’t have kept “even a penny.”

Family of man shot 10 times by NC cop wants answers

An unarmed man seeking help after a car crash over the weekend was shot 10 times by the Charlotte police officer who’s now charged in his death, investigators said Monday.

‘Chaos?’ Obama goes after ‘extreme’ Republicans

A potential federal shutdown looming, President Barack Obama on Monday warned congressional Republicans they could trigger national “economic chaos” if they demand a delay of his health care law as the price for supporting continued spending for federal operations.

Shipwrecked Concordia gently wrested off Italian reef

Using a vast system of steel cables and pulleys, maritime engineers on Monday gingerly winched the massive hull of the Costa Concordia off the reef where the cruise ship capsized near an Italian island in January 2012 and were poised to set it upright in the middle of the night.

UN finds ‘convincing evidence’ of Syria chemical attack

Careful not to blame either side for a deadly chemical weapon attack, U.N. inspectors reported Monday that rockets loaded with the deadly nerve agent sarin had been fired from an area where Syria’s military has bases, but said the evidence could have been manipulated in the rebel-controlled stricken neighborhoods.

Colo evacuees return to find more heartbreak

Weary Colorado evacuees have begun returning home after days of rain and flooding, but Monday’s clearing skies and receding waters revealed only more heartbreak: toppled houses, upended vehicles and a stinking layer of muck covering everything.