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Find mischief in every word of ‘The Great Thanksgiving Escape’

Yes, “The Great Thanksgiving Escape” is a kids’ book, but I absolutely loved the imaginations and the naughty glee that author-illustrator Mark Fearing gives his main characters.

Bryce Canyon a real winter wonderland

Visitors flock from all over the world to see Bryce Canyon National Park’s natural amphitheaters filled with pinnacles, spires and the spooky limestone formations called hoodoos. They mostly come in the agreeable high-country summer, yet some claim winter is the best time. Though Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate with the gift of snowfall, when she does, it makes every detail of this colorful landscape seem to pop out of the white background like a watercolor by an expert artist.

‘I Am Jazz’ shares transgender challenges in kid-friendly story

In the new book “I Am Jazz” by Jessica Herthel and Jazz Jennings, with pictures by Shelagh McNicholas, you’ll read about a girl who’s just like other girls … only different. That’s because Jazz has “a girl brain but a boy body.”

Pahranagat offers sight-seeing aplenty

Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge, just south of the ranching community of Alamo, encompasses 5,382 acres of lakes, marshes, meadows, riparian areas and open desert. The three largest bodies of water in the refuge are Upper Lake, Middle Pond and Lower Lake, fed by thermal springs.

New book shares tales from World War II internment camp

It was 1942, and the Japanese had just bombed Pearl Harbor. America entered World War II soon after, which meant plenty of discrimination for Japanese-Americans like the Itanos. Tomi, Hiro and their older brother Roy had been born in America, but that didn’t seem to matter to many in their California town.

Kids likely to love every stinkin’ page of “Belches, Burps, and Farts – Oh My!”

Don’t think that this book is only filled with gratuitous farts-are-funny pages. Yes, there’s that in here, but it also aims to inform. Kids who read this book will learn a thing or two about biology, and they’ll be delighted by the accompanying giggle-making illustrations.