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Homemade Memories

They just don’t make holiday decorations like they used to.

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Dec. 6

Add sparkle to your holiday decor with these design tips

The holiday season is truly about entertaining and going all out. So why not add a little bit of sparkle and bling while still being true to the traditional spirit often associated with the holiday decor? When it comes to being creative, I suggest experimenting with some new materials this holiday season such as materials that have high sheen, tactile materials, reflective surfaces and nontraditional color palettes such as black and white.

Ikebana: Japanese art of flower arranging meets holiday decor

Holiday decorations in the U.S. are often symmetrical: Two candles on either side of the mantel, a round wreath in the center of the door, a centerpiece with matching sprigs of holly and pine on each side.

True glue advice to keep vinyl flooring in place

Q: I have vinyl-sheet flooring in my bathroom. It’s curling up in several places and looks terrible. Is there a way to make it stay down?

Trim a tremendous Christmas tree with these tips

Decorating my Christmas tree is the most magical moment of the holiday season for me. There is something so exciting about taking a plain pine and turning it into a shining star, the visual and emotional epicenter of your home’s hymn to the holidays.

Right holiday decorations won’t overwhelm small spaces

There’s no doubt that a majority of the fun and joy of the holidays comes from decorating your abode. Picking the right Christmas tree, pulling out your grade-school ornaments that still leave traces of glitter everywhere, hanging lights that make your electric bill skyrocket … it’s all in the name of the holiday spirit. But how do you push, shove and stuff all of that good cheer into a 300-square-foot studio or teeny-tiny one-bedroom apartment?

Architect awarded for modernist furniture designs

Postmodernist is one of the newest styles in the United States. Walt Disney World’s Swan Hotel, with a 47-foot swan on each side of the roof, and its Dolphin Hotel with two 56-foot dolphins on the roof, are examples.

Laundry can be tedious, but decorating room can be fun

I’m not sure where the term “laundry day blues” came from, but maybe it’s because most laundry rooms are depressing. They don’t excite our fun side.